Heart Felt Creations


Heart Felt Creations not only sells handmade historical items but also provides training in these skills to individuals and groups. Bob and Cindie, who have been teaching pioneer skills for many years, have conducted living history demonstrations across various states such as Alabama, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia. They offer these classes to children, adults, and groups of all types, including grade schools, universities, scouts, 4H, museums, home schools, re-enactors, festivals, and any other interested parties. They have even hosted their own summer day camp. Cindie also specializes in demonstrating and creating custom felt hats, both contemporary and historical.

Bob and Cindie are deeply committed to preserving history and passing down the skills and trades used by our ancestors. They offer hands-on classes, day and weekend workshops suitable for both children and adults, although some classes may have a minimum age requirement. They strive to accommodate everyone's schedules and needs, and you can contact them for more detailed information about their custom hats, summer day camp, registration, and classes offered, or to inquire about a specific class not listed.

Thank you to all of the schools, organizations, and people who have helped us in our journeys.